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Bringing you all the latest in ecological matters and news from the ECOSA team, we will keep you updated on relevant events and inform of any legislation changes that may affect your project. You can also keep up with us on the go by following us on LinkedIn!

June 2023

30 June 2023

Hazel Dormouse Footprint Tunnels – Tracking Ecological Progress

ECOSA have recently been using an upcoming methodology to survey for hazel dormouse - footprint tunnels. Read more to find out about this exciting survey and the results ECOSA has obtained.

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May 2023

24 May 2023

The impacts of wind turbines on bats and birds

ECOSA recently looked into the recent research undertaken on the impacts of terrestrial wind turbines on bats and birds. Click on the following link to find out more.

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April 2023

18 April 2023

ECOSA biosecurity systems are in check for the 2023 season

Find out more on how ECOSA is implementing their biosecurity protocols for the upcoming survey season.

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March 2023

28 March 2023

Reaching new heights at ECOSA

Read more to find out about our recent in-house ladder training for bat and barn owl box installations.

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March 2023

09 March 2023

ECOSA Attends University of Southampton Careers Fair

Last week, two of our ecologists attended the University of Southampton Spring Careers Fair to promote what a career in the ecological consultancy sector involves to current students and recent graduates.

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March 2023

01 March 2023

The ECOSA Team are all trained up on The Biodiversity Metric 3.1

The ECOSA team recently underwent a three-day training course to get to grips with the latest version of The Biodiversity Metric 3.1. Click below to find out how it went!

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January 2023

11 January 2023

Phasing out Phase 1; Welcoming in UKHab

Click on the link below for further information on how ECOSA are making the exciting change from using the Phase 1 Habitats Classifiation to the UKHab (UK Habitat) Classification system.

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