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Reaching new heights at ECOSA

28 March 2023

Some nerves of the ECOSA team were tested at new heights on our recent ladder training for bat and barn owl box installations. Thankfully, with our new rigging system and safety harness practices in place we were feeling quite secure in the trees.

Our new rope pulley and ladder securing system allows us to safely rig larger roosting bat/bird boxes. Installing these boxes can be used to enhance a site by providing additional bat roosting and bird nesting features. These may be a requirement for planning or introduced to enhance or monitor a site.

Activities which are likely to affect bats for example could include:

    - renovating, converting or demolishing a building;

    - repairing a roof or converting a loft;

    - repointing brickwork; and

    - cutting down or removing branches from a mature tree.

The incorporation of these additional bat roosting features will provide long-term roosting opportunities. At ECOSA we also have a team of bat licenced ecologists who can carry out bat box inspections once installed for additional monitoring.

Our team of specialists at ECOSA will help you achieve your development aims, whilst meeting all legal obligations and minimising disturbances to these animals and their habitats.

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