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October 2020

22 October 2020

Achieving Biodiversity Net Gain on your development site

Biodiversity Net Gain refers to the process in which all new developments must consider the environmental impact of the proposed scheme and ensure that post-development biodiversity is left in a state better than it was before, for example, providing more natural habitat than there was existing prior to development. Biodiversity Net Gain will be mandated for all new developments in England as part of the upcoming Environment Bill.

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March 2020

25 March 2020

District Level Licensing - an alternative to traditional Great Crested Newt licensing and mitigation

With the aim of stemming the decline of great crested newt and streamlining the existing licensing system, Natural England are implementing a new strategic approach known as ‘District Level Licensing’ (DLL). Developers now have the option between the traditional licensing route or to access a district licensing scheme, where available. So, which should you choose?

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March 2020

19 March 2020

ECOSA is open for business - Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the ongoing pandemic, we have taken steps to ensure that our business continues whilst protecting the health of our clients, staff, their families and communities.

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February 2020

10 February 2020

Natural England launch charges for great crested newt and badger mitigation licences for development

If you are planning a project that will impact on great crested newt or badger, you may now need to budget for additional project costs.

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