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Services for the Renewables Sector

ECOSA's work with the renewables sector includes assessments of the implications for bats and birds of significant solar and wind farm installations, including Yelvertoft Wind Farm in Leicestershire. We have also carried out a range of ecological assessments for a major offshore wind farm development off the South Coast.

Gaining planning permission

To gain planning permission, renewable energy schemes must overcome any significant ecological impacts or these impacts must clearly be outweighed by the environmental, social or economic benefits of the development.

Site selection

We are adept at carrying out due diligence surveys for assessing ecological risk at the site selection stage. Ecological assessment for wind and solar farm developments include standard extended Phase 1 habitat surveys and often detailed assessments of protected species.

Bat surveys for wind farms

We carry out bat surveys in accordance with statutory guidance which involves a range of survey techniques including:

  • roost visits;
  • activity surveys to assess usage of a site by bats;
  • remote monitoring to assess over a longer timeframe; and
  • altitude surveys using a range of innovative techniques.

Bird surveys and collision modelling

We have extensive experience of carrying out bird surveys following standard survey guidance. Methods include:

  • vantage point surveys using Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) methods;
  • transect survey methods; and
  • SNH collision risk modelling.

Off-shore projects – vantage point surveys and marine mammals

Our ornithologists are trained and certified in the Joint Nature Conservancy Council European Seabirds at Sea (ESAS) survey methods used for offshore wind farm projects and have experience of seabird identification and recording. Our surveyors are qualified Marine Mammal Officers (MMOs) with appropriate offshore survival training and have wide-ranging knowledge of sea mammal ecology and identification.

Please call 02380 261065 to speak with an ecologist about your renewable energy project; or email Our survey timetable may also be helpful for the scheduling of ecology surveys.