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Biodiversity and Mitigation Solutions

Where protected species are identified your project manager will seek the appropriate Natural England licence where necessary, putting forward a solution that compensates for any potential effects on that species.

The delivery of that mitigation solution - be it the creation of a new badger sett or remodelling of a waterbody for example - may be within the scope of contractors already working on site; however, in many cases ECOSA's ecological contracting team are deployed, working in collaboration with other contractors as appropriate. In other cases, developing biodiversity is a project objective in itself, seeking to enrich the site for future users and for wildlife or to maximise BREEAM credits.

Ecologists with construction skills

ECOSA’s dedicated ecological contracting team includes ecological specialists, all of whom are Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) certified and hold relevant qualifications and insurances. Our staff hold Natural England protected species licences for a range of species, allowing them to carry out mitigation and management works for bats, great crested newt, badger, hazel dormouse and other species. So, as well as being hard working, our team have an in depth knowledge of the species that they are working to create habitat for.

Creative practical solutions designed and delivered

We provide a full range of terrestrial and aquatic habitat management and creation services to assist with the implementation of required mitigation and enhancement works. We have experience of working to the requirements of European Protected Species Mitigation (EPSM) licences, Environmental Statements (ES) and other planning conditions. Our team has on-site experience collaborating with developers and contractors to achieve such biodiversity objectives within project timescales and budgets.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Wildlife exclusion fencing;
  • Protected species capture and relocation;
  • Vegetation clearance using methods that are sensitive towards protected species;
  • Ecological mitigation and enhancement works;
  • Habitat creation and restoration;
  • Protected species monitoring and management; and
  • Development and delivery of conservation management plans.

Ensuring a successful outcome

Our on-going site management services ensure that any mitigation plan is implemented correctly and receives enough aftercare to allow new habitats to develop and thrive. Just as with survey work, mitigation works have to be scheduled to fit in with the particular species' seasonal activities; please see our survey and mitigation timetables for more detailed information.

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