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Biodiversity and Habitat Surveys

Preliminary Ecological Appraisals are the most common ecology surveys conducted by our teams and the starting point for the assessment of biodiversity on a site. They are designed to provide a base-line overview of on-site and adjoining habitats and the risk of protected or rare species, or habitats, being present.


We utilise the nationally recognised Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC, 2007) guidelines to classify habitat types on a site, and relevant protected species guidance to identify the suitability of habitats present to support any protected species which may influence the proposed development.

Recommendations and next steps

Based on our findings we can make recommendations for avoidance or reduction of impacts, precautionary approach principles and enhancement measures that may be implemented. Only if deemed necessary do we plan further ecology surveys.

Meeting planning requirements

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) reports are based on extended Phase 1 habitat survey data. These are sometimes standalone reports which meet the level of information required by local authorities to determine a planning application. However, sometimes additional surveys may be necessary in order to gain additional information about a particular species or habitat. The information collated during these further ecology surveys is required by the local authority prior to determining a planning application.

Avoiding delays

Due to the seasonality of ecology surveys, these should be carried out early in the life of a project in order to avoid delays. Please refer to our survey timetable for details.

ECOSA ensures that the appropriate level of survey effort is performed efficiently to minimise any impacts on project schedules and budgets, and to identify any ecological constraints at an early stage. Our ecological expertise will deliver you the highest quality biodiversity assessment and advice on how best to proceed with your project.

More advice

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