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Ecological Assessment of Guildford Borough Council Local Nature Reserves

ECOSA were commissioned by Guildford Borough Council, Surrey, to undertake detailed Phase 1 habitat surveys of five of the Borough's local nature reserves. These sites were selected as they support a range of habitats from reed bed to meadow and scrub, and are of significant conservation value yet are utilised by residents for recreational purposes. They therefore provide an interesting study of where nature conservation management planning needs to take account of the needs of local people.

Client: Guildford Borough Council

Objective: Conservation management

Surveys commenced with standard JNCC extended Phase 1 habitat surveys and went on to include National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys, invertebrate, breeding bird, bat, otter and water vole surveys. The features of ecological value were mapped utilising GIS software, and all species of conservation value were plotted. Management recommendations for each site were made aimed at enhancing the ecological value of the site, but also at enhancing visitor experience, for example, installing information boards and board walks.